Back-to-School Tips

Back-to-School Tips

 Help your child with Back to School nerves with these teacher-approved tips. Start the new school year with a calm and collected attitude.


Tour the school.
When your school hosts an open house, be sure to attend. Help your child with their new school environment. It will help them avoid a nervous stomach on the first day. You can meet their teacher, find their desk, or explore the school grounds.

Meet the new teacher.
Most children wonder “Will I like my new teacher?”  At your school’s open house or back-to-school night take time to ask questions and familiarize yourself with the classroom. Sending an email or making a phone call to the new teacher is also a great ice breaker.

Try locating the teacher’s picture on a school website or in a yearbook, it makes it easier for your child to put a name with a face.

A good friend with school age children can make a big difference when preparing for the new school year.  It’s a good idea to call the parents from last year’s class and find out if their children are in your child’s class this year.

Get the class supply list and take a shopping trip with your child.  Once you have completed the basic list let them pick out a favorite binder or lunch box.  These simple extras make going back to school a lot more fun.

Let them practice using the supplies they have not used before — such as colored pencils or a calculator — so they will be comfortable using them in class.

Get your child used to getting up and ready on time.  Bedtime, lunch or playtime – It’s crucial to have them ready for what is in store for them in the new school year.

Talk about last year’s school and tomorrows plans
It is important to talk about what they learned the last year at school, but don’t dwell on what is coming up in the new school year.  Let them have fun in the last few days of summer vacation.

Ease into it
Going from Summer fun to school can be stressful.  Plan the first day of school and be ready for it.  Have a routine and keep to it.  Try it out a few days before school starts. Give them an alarm clock, go through the morning rituals a few days before school starts.  Having a good routine will make them feel more comfortable and will make the first day of school easier.


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